Peace, Love, and Happiness in Gdańsk

Most of my hostel experiences until now have been pretty uneventful, clean beds, friendly people; but nothing too memorable. My first experience with my hostel in Gdańsk started not from the front desk, but… Continue reading

Gdańsk-Learning to Travel Alone

My tactic for sightseeing is usually to read about the destination on the train ride there and choose sights that spark my interest. For some reason in Gdańsk I was so caught up… Continue reading


Gdańsk is a beautiful old port city on the Baltic sea and I have always wanted to go when I was living in Poland, but never had the chance. I knew from my… Continue reading

Poland-Malbork Castle

Malbork Castle is often referred to as one of the most beautiful castles in Poland and when the red brick masterpiece first came into view, all doubts that these were just exaggerations to… Continue reading

Toruń, Poland-Gingerbread and Gothic Architecture

Toruń was much more beautiful than I expected and is completely underrated as a city when it comes to Polish tourism. The Old Town is situated on the banks of the Wisła river… Continue reading

Poland-A Solo Journey

The transition from Turkey to Poland was not an easy one. First, I missed my 8 AM flight because I realized too late that it was not international until I departed out of… Continue reading

Izmir-Beach Life

A typical day at Mustafa’s summer house: Sleeping in until ten and waking up to the smell of a homemade Turkish breakfast Eating breakfast (including freshly picked tomatoes) out on the back porch… Continue reading

Izmir-Mustafa’s Summer House

Imagine a summer house located next to the sea, it has a wrap-around porch where you can eat meals in the warm, still air and a garden surrounding the entire house, with peaches,… Continue reading

Izmir-A Break from the Chaos

Istanbul is a stunning city, but after a week of the hustle and bustle it started to wear me down. In a city of 15 million inhabitants, it takes a great amount of… Continue reading

Istanbul-Living Like a Local

I had the privilege of staying with Umut’s friend and experiencing living in Istanbul as a local. His apartment was located near Cihangir, situated on a steep hill that eventually leads to the… Continue reading