Izmir: My New Home

With its palm tree-lined boulevards next to the sea, Izmir, is the American equivalent of San Diego, while Istanbul is closer in comparison to New York. I have always thrived in smaller cities… Continue reading

Common Misconceptions About Turkey

Most of the news that the Western world receives about Turkey is focused on the more conservative, eastern region of the country, or the violence surrounding border towns that are close to Syria,… Continue reading

Turkish Hospitality

One of the biggest differences for me living in Turkey as an American, is the sense of hospitality that embodies this culture. Recovering from jet lag the first week, I would wake up… Continue reading

Istanbul Revisited: Crossing the Bosphorus for a Kebab

Istanbul is in a unique location, because it exists in two continents. The European side has all the popular sights, but the Asian side has an equal amount of charm (minus all the… Continue reading

Istanbul Revisited: The Grand Baazar and The Spice Baazar

Returning to Istanbul was one of the best birthday presents I could’ve wished for. I had seen most of the sights last year, except for the Grand Baazar and the Spice Market (which… Continue reading

Istanbul Revisited: Arrival at Dusk

After days of air travel, I finally slipped back into the chaotic city life of Istanbul. It was rush hour, and a haze hung over the city as I watched it unfold before… Continue reading

Turkey: Prologue

What did I know about Turkey before I had the opportunity to travel to this country last year? To be honest not much. I knew that it was a mixture of traditional beliefs… Continue reading

Iwanowice-My Grandmother’s Village

On an overcast Saturday, I met my cousin Halina in the Rynek and we took caught a bus right outside of Galeria Krakowska. Halina bought some pizza from the mall before we left,… Continue reading

Kraków: Looking Back While Running Forward

Whenever I come back to Kraków, I feel like I’m coming back home, back to the familiar. This it the second time I’ve come back since I’ve lived here, but the first time… Continue reading


Aboard a train filled with drunken revelers, I made the seven-hour journey into Wrocław from Gdańsk. Mustafa’s close friend Eser and his girlfriend Klaudia, picked me up from the chaos and provided me with their… Continue reading