Happy 4th to all those back home!


Turkish Food Snapshot: Breakfast

Kahvaltı is my favorite meal in Turkey hands down. I love the variety that comes with this meal, and the different taste sensations that are present. Here are some typical food items: olives-a… Continue reading

Road Trip: Foça

This past weekend, I ventured out to Foça, a picturesque seaside town about an hour’s drive from Izmir. It was the perfect Sunday escape from the city’s heat. First we drove through Yeni… Continue reading

Highlights: 2 Months In

-combating the summer heat with cool slices of fresh watermelon -getting use to my workday commute, but still being memorized by the seaside views in transit -beginning to understand simple Turkish sentences, and… Continue reading

A Turkish Wedding Weekend: Some After Thoughts

One thing that I found interesting about Turkish weddings, was that everyone gives the happy couple gold as a wedding present. The idea is that it’s value will always be stable compared to… Continue reading

A Turkish Wedding Weekend: Part II-The Wedding

On Saturday afternoon, I continued my wedding weekend marathon. First I attended the wedding ceremony, and then the reception dinner afterward. It is a bit different than a wedding in the US, since… Continue reading

A Turkish Wedding Weekend: Part I-The Kına Gecesi

A few weeks ago, I was invited to two wedding celebrations on the same weekend, and was beyond thrilled to partake in my first Turkish wedding festivities. On Friday night, I was invited… Continue reading

Hello Summer! Why Are You So Hot??

As if on cue, after a brief period of stormy weather in the last week of May, the summer heat came with the arrival of June. Coming from a cooler climate, where there… Continue reading

A Month In: Some Highlights

Here are some memorable moments from the past month: -Falling in love with the laid-back vibe of Izmir, and realizing although it isn’t Istanbul, it is a better alternative to call home. -Eating… Continue reading

Observations from a City Bus

One of my favorite ways to acquaint myself with Izmir is riding the public buses around the city. Some days my ride is a sleek Mercedes-Benz model, spacious and smooth. Other days I… Continue reading