Kraków. You know I unabashedly adore you. Just not in the bone-chilling month of March. Or when the deceivingly cheery “Rainbow Apartments” decided to skimp on hot water and Internet as promised. (Ok,… Continue reading


My boyfriend’s closest childhood friend Eser from Turkey now lives in Wrocław, Poland and their reunion was long overdue. Eser graciously let us stay in our apartment, and we spent the next few… Continue reading

Berlin Revisited

Berlin has made an imprint on my mind since I visited it back in the summer of 2009 as a giddy, college graduate on a whirlwind Euro Trip with one of my closest… Continue reading


You know when you wake up and you have a hard time distinguishing your dreams from reality? That’s how I felt about my brief visit to Dresden. The moment I stepped out of… Continue reading

Turkish Vacation: Kuşadası (Part II)

For the second part of our vacation we had planned to go to Fethiye, but we checked the weather forecast last minute, and realized that rain was predicted for most of our visit,… Continue reading

Turkish Vacation: Bodrum (Part I)

Our week-long vacation started out in Bodrum, which is about 3 hours south of Izmir. Bodrum is well-known as a Turkish vacation hotspot, where Turkish celebrities, foreigners, and Turks from far and near… Continue reading

The Month of Ramazan

Ramazan began a few weeks ago, and to be honest I haven’t really noticed any drastic changes in Izmir besides the TV and billboard ads advertising food during Ramazan. Strangely there are a… Continue reading

Teaching English In Turkey: Reflections

I’m official done with teaching English at British Culture. Looking back, I’m still in disbelief that I actually taught English and fulfilled this long time dream of mine. I have always held a… Continue reading

Turkish Food Snapshot: Salads

Salads have been making a regular appearance at our dinner table, and with the temperatures reaching 100 F, it’s the ideal summer meal. Usually in Turkey, salad (or salata in Turkish) is a… Continue reading

Day Trip: Bergama

This past weekend, we explored the ancient Roman ruins of Pergamum, which are located in the modern city of Bergama, about two hours from Izmir. This place was similar to Ephesus, but without… Continue reading