Happy Fourth!

Happy fourth to all Americans abroad and stateside! Fireworks spectaculars, gut-busting barbeques and lounging poolside are all important Independence Day rituals, but being away from the U.S. in Turkey this year has helped… Continue reading

A Taste of a True Turkish Summer

We went to the summer house last weekend and it was a restful respite from city life and the sweltering heat of an Aegean summer. For the past few years, Mustafa’s parents have… Continue reading

The Kordon at Dusk

Situated right on the shores of the Aegean, Izmir at dusk along the waterfront is always the panorama that I look forward to the most. Last week, after acquiring a rather nasty bout… Continue reading

Happy First Day of Summer!

As perfect timing would have it, I’m going to the summer house for the first time this trip to see Mustafa’s parents and Sanslı (a mischievious, but lovable feline). The temperatures are supposed… Continue reading

First Week Highlights

Drinking beer and hanging out on the Kordon (seaside) in Alsancak; watching floating lanterns disappear into the night sky. Eating at the quirky Leman Kültür cafe, which has comic books at every table.… Continue reading

What’s Happening in Izmir (and the Rest of Turkey)

Within the first few days I could tell that the mentality of Izmir and Turkey had changed drastically since last year. There was definitely a tangible buzz of anti-government sentiments coming from local’s… Continue reading

The First Few Days Back in Izmir

My transition to Turkey was a lot harder physically this year than last. Jet lag lay siege on my body, rendering me a inept zombie for the first week. I would go to… Continue reading

Happy Father’s Day!

Or as they say it here in Turkey~Babalar Günü Kutlu Olsun!

Turkey, Once More

Everything is packed and I’m ready to go. It has been a year since I left, and I know a lot has changed within Turkey and within myself. Angry protesters dominate the world… Continue reading


Mustafa and I decided to go to Auschwitz for a day. It was not my first time, and even through each subsequent time never gets easier, I learn something invaluable each and every… Continue reading