A Day Trip to Çeşme and Alaçatı




A few Saturdays ago, Mustafa and I took an hour-long drive to the coastal town of Çeşme, that is known as a playground for the rich and famous due to having some of the best beaches in the region of Izmir. We decided to spend the day at a beach club called “Kafe Pi,” named after the endless mathematical equation that is commonly introduced in elementary school. There were also public beaches, but they were overcrowded, so it was a nice treat to have a private beach and most importantly our own umbrella to shade us from the intense heat. The water was the perfect respite from the relentless sun, and was quite calm due to the beach being protected by an inlet. Floating and bobbing in the salty Aegean, wasn’t a bad way to pass the day.

Later, as the sun was setting and frequent rumbles could be heard from deep within our bellies (since we refused to buy the overpriced entries at the club), we opted to go into Çeşme, for an early dinner. We both devoured our respective Kumru sandwiches (native of Çeşme) consisting of salami, sucuk (garlic sausage), cheese and tomatoes) and washed them down with ayran (a salty yogurt drink). It was as delicious as I remembered it from the year before.





After dinner, we made our way to the picturesque town of Alaçatı,which reminded me of Southern France, with its quaint cobblestone alleyways lined with postcard perfect outdoor cafes and boutiques. We got ice cream and some beautifully crafted macaroons that unfortunately melted not soon after. Quite content, but exhausted, we returned back to Izmir as the sun set within a blaze of sherbert hues.