A Trip to the Turkish Dentist!

DSC07427Last Wednesday, I was at home drinking from my beloved Bobble water bottle when part of my lower front tooth chipped. After freaking out a bit, due to a) looking a bit like a pirate with scurvy when I smiled, b) the realization that my dentist was on the other side of the world, c) I didn’t buy dental travel insurance, I was able to collect my thoughts and call Mustafa at work. He called his dentist and was able to convince him to look at my tooth later that evening, but the actual restoration of my tooth would not be until Saturday, when Mustafa could act as my translator. Luckily, my tooth was not in any immediate danger and I was most importantly pain-free.

The initial consultation was the scariest part, since upon first glance at my tooth the dentist exclaimed “allah allah” (sometimes spoken halla halla), an expression that is usually reserved for exasperated bickering spouses). Overhearing his conversation to Mustafa, I could only catch words like “porcelain” and “plastic” and of course was only imagining the worst.


No germs allowed!

DSC07434On Saturday, after a delicious brunch, we headed over to the “diş doktor” and his immaculate office. Although I don’t mind a trip to the dentist every now and then, I was still a bit nervous about going in a different country and any complications that might arise from the language barrier.

Before I could blink it was over, the dentist was extremely gentle and had obviously fixed many teeth prior to mine. The procedure went swimmingly and he did an excellent job restoring my tooth back to its former glory. The best part? It only cost 70 TL ($35). I joked later to Mustafa that I should only see the dentist when I’m here in Turkey, but honestly I was only half-joking…