Highlights from Week Two

1363163376_okuz-bar-alsancak (1)Surreal I’m part of living history moment: Sitting in “Öküz” and having the staff put on the “Onuncu Yıl Marşı” (10th Year March written in honor of the tenth anniversary of the founding of the Turkish Republic) as protesters march past in the streets and the whole bar breaking out into song.

DSC07079DSC07080Watching movers with their ingenious moving apparatuses.

DSC07087DSC07089Cooling off with delicious ice cream cake at Özsüt, on a day when the summer heat started to become undeniably noticeable.

DSC07128Walking along the Kordon in Bostanli and watching a group of boys effortlessly roller blade up and down the ramps at the local skate park.

Photo of Okuz via Neredekal