A Taste of a True Turkish Summer

DSC07212DSC07267We went to the summer house last weekend and it was a restful respite from city life and the sweltering heat of an Aegean summer. For the past few years, Mustafa’s parents have relocated to Dikili (an hour and a half drive north of Izmir) for the duration of the summer, where life revolves around tending gardens full of homegrown vegetables, spontaneous visits with neighbors and lazy evening drinking tea on the porch.

DSC07178DSC07179DSC07184We stopped at Sut Evi (Milk House) upon my request on our way to Dikili for a late breakfast of toasted sandwiches with cheese and sucuk (Turkish sausage).

DSC07289This guy was napping upstairs upon our arrival in the mid-afternoon. Now that Sansli is a teenager he goes out at night to party with the other neighborhood cats and then sleeps through the afternoon. Typical.

DSC07223Dinner was delicious, eaten with extended family members and finished off with chilled slices of watermelon.

DSC07260The next day begun with an elaborate breakfast spread.

DSC07273DSC07278DSC07281After breakfast the remainder of the day was spent seaside, alternating between lounging on the beach and taking cool dips in the salty sea; eating rainbow popsicles called “Twisters”; and watching fisherman dock their boats on the shore to sell their impeccably fresh wares to eager bathing suit-clad customers.

DSC07343DSC07346DSC07353DSC07360The last night I was floored when Mustafa’s father pulled out the grill and made kofte (Turkish meatballs) before we headed back to Izmir. Mustafa and I contributed a bit by handpicking the salad ingredients from the back garden.