The Kordon at Dusk

DSC07114DSC07137DSC07146DSC07148Situated right on the shores of the Aegean, Izmir at dusk along the waterfront is always the panorama that I look forward to the most. Last week, after acquiring a rather nasty bout of cabin fever, Mustafa suggested we take a walk. The fresh sea air was exactly what I needed to quell the restlessness. Not surprisingly, we didn’t have this scene all to ourselves; parents chased their little ones around spacious green lawns, kites danced furiously on the strong wind that had picked up, a beagle was spotted, tea was drunk, warm corn was sold and the silhouettes of numerous couples were outlined on the rocks above the calm, dark waters; oblivious to any world but their own. On our way back, we even spotted an older couple enjoying rakı (Turkish alcohol) on a small fold-out table and chairs, as if this were their dining room and we were merely passing through.