The First Few Days Back in Izmir

DSC06939 My transition to Turkey was a lot harder physically this year than last. Jet lag lay siege on my body, rendering me a inept zombie for the first week. I would go to sleep at dawn as the first call to prayer broke the early morning stillness and sleep until mid-afternoon/early evening. For the first day I could hardly sip ginger tea to soothe my stomach and spinning head.  It was quite frustrating for me to feel so out of control of my body and know that only with time would I feel myself again.

Luckily, Mustafa made me feel right at home the moment he picked me up from the airport; tucking cookies into my bedside drawer for late night hunger pangs and stocking the fridge with all my favorite food items like tuna fish, whole wheat bread, yogurt and Laughing Cow cheese (good food is definitely the way to my heart).

In a few days, my stomach made a full recovery, which was obviously apparent when I devoured an entire köfte platter (Turkish meatballs) without blinking.