Turkish Vacation: Kuşadası (Part II)

For the second part of our vacation we had planned to go to Fethiye, but we checked the weather forecast last minute, and realized that rain was predicted for most of our visit, so we decided to go to Kuşadası instead.

We booked a three-night stay in Grand Blue Sky, an all-inclusive resort. It got decent reviews on TravelAdvisor, and we got a good deal on a Turkish website, so we decided why not?

Pictures can sometimes be deceiving though, and the resort looked like it hadn’t been update since it was built twenty years ago. Our room was nice though (despite the outdated furnishings), and the sea view more than made up for the ancient decor.

The food was open buffet for every meal, and although that might sound nice in theory, the lack of organization in the dinning room left much to be desired. It was not fun having to elbow your way to the salad bar. The food was decent, but reminded me a bit too much of cafeteria food (greasy and overcooked seemed to be a constant theme).

One of the best parts of the resort was that they were always providing constant snacks. They had an ice cream hour, tea time, fresh juice at every corner, plus a restaurant by the beach that served hot dogs, spaghetti, and hamburgers all day (easily my favorite).

There was never a dull moment at the resort. A extremely, lively animation team was constantly entertaining guests with water polo tournaments, dancing contest, and beach parties. There was also a lot of activities for children too. Later we found out that children under 12 were free, so that explained why it seemed like we were at family camp.

It turns out that there were a lot of Polish guests, who came in droves due to the cheap conversion rate, and warm weather. This was a bit ironic because we were planning to originally go to Poland. One afternoon, I asked a women what time it was, and she answered me in Polish.

Since the Olympics were playing, at night they would set-up a huge screen outside so guests could enjoy the games. It was really fun to watch with an international audience, and cheer for our respective countries.

The last night we went to the Seafood Restaurant, one of the three al a carte restaurants on the property. The food was such a relief from the buffet food we had been surviving on for the last few days, and the sunset views over the ocean were breathtaking.