Turkish Food Snapshot: Breakfast

Kahvaltı is my favorite meal in Turkey hands down. I love the variety that comes with this meal, and the different taste sensations that are present. Here are some typical food items:

olives-a standard staple, black ones, green ones Turks love their olives!

white sheep’s cheese-there are many different variations, from mild to extremely salty

jam-I am truly spoiled because my host mother makes the most delicious homemade jams from apricots and strawberries

a loaf of freshly baked bread-usually bought right before the meal; a breakfast is not complete without this starch (but toasted bread can be a good substitute)

eggs-boiled, or in omelet form with common ingredients being cheese, sucuk (dry, spicy sausage), bell peppers

tomatoes and cucumbers-usually with salt and/or olive oil

This is usually an elaborate weekend set-up, and breakfast on the weekdays is very basic, usually consisting of simit (a round bagel), some cheese and olives, cereal or toast.