A Turkish Wedding Weekend: Some After Thoughts

One thing that I found interesting about Turkish weddings, was that everyone gives the happy couple gold as a wedding present. The idea is that it’s value will always be stable compared to currency. I went shopping before the wedding to buy some gold, and it’s not cheap! The amount of gold you give depends on how close your relationship is with the bride and/or groom, and of course how much you can afford.

Another thing that really stuck with me was the fashion at this particular wedding. There was a whole group of girls who had coordinated their outfits so they each wore a different color and a matching headpiece. It reminded me of the fancy head wear that was on display during Kate Middleton and Prince William’s wedding, by British royalty. Another guy wore bright green pants, Toms, and round sunglasses. One girl wore a ruffle, rainbow dress that reminded me of a multi-colored wedding cake, and another wore a purple 1920’s flapper dress, complete with fringe. Très chic!