A Month In: Some Highlights

Here are some memorable moments from the past month:

-Falling in love with the laid-back vibe of Izmir, and realizing although it isn’t Istanbul, it is a better alternative to call home.

-Eating kokoreç (baby lamb intestines), which is a popular late-night street food. Visually it doesn’t look like intestines, taste similar to beef, and it is casually served as a sandwich. I was reassured that they clean the intestines thoroughly, but still…

-My first solo bus ride. The bus driver missed my stop, and this resulted in me frantically running up the aisle, saying “”Excuse me, sir you missed my stop.” Then realizing that I was in Turkey, and not remembering/knowing the right words, wildly gesturing that I needed to get off the bus and happily he obliged.

-The gracious hospitality of everyone. From Çiğdem bring me to my numerous ESL inteviews, to the old lady in the store who gave me a brief, but reassuring smile in the grocery store when I was having trouble. And of course my Turkish family who has so effortlessly made me feel at home.

-Going to a school concert of a famous Turkish singer at Yaşar Üniversitesi, and feeling ancient.

-Eatting one of the best chicken kebabs I’ve had in Turkey, from a elderly couple who had made a makeshift kitchen on one of the busiest streets of Alsancak.

-Beginning to recognize some words in Turkish.