Istanbul Revisited: Crossing the Bosphorus for a Kebab

Istanbul is in a unique location, because it exists in two continents. The European side has all the popular sights, but the Asian side has an equal amount of charm (minus all the tourists). The boat ride on the Bosphorus alone makes the trip worth it, especially during dusk when the sun paints the sky with it’s fiery hues and the outline of the city slowly evaporates into the shadows. It was refreshing to finally get away from the crowded streets, and join the commuters on their way back home.

I got off at Kadıköy, and ate at Çıya Kebapçı, which a friend highly recommended. I had the best kebab I’ve had in Turkey so far, the smokey flavor of the lamb was perfection, complementing the rich blend of spices. I guess that it wasn’t a well-kept secret, because the New Yorker and various other American publications raved about this restaurant on its walls. The ambiance of eating outside, surrounded by the cool night air and a constant stream of locals and tourist passing through this busy street, made me grateful to see another side of Istanbul. After dinner, I walked the brightly-lit, cobblestone streets, with the street vendors brewing cups of thick, black Turkish coffee, and selling paper cones of hot, sweet corn.