Gdańsk-Learning to Travel Alone

My tactic for sightseeing is usually to read about the destination on the train ride there and choose sights that spark my interest. For some reason in Gdańsk I was so caught up in finding Solidarity sights, a cell phone mishap and the misconception that the Old Town was the main attraction, that I almost missed the beautifully restored Main Town.

Luckily on the last evening, as I decided to explore the Old Town in more detail, after I slowly made my way through the enormous interior of St. Mary’s Church and admired the large ornate clock inside, I happened to find Długa street by accident. This road used to be part of the Royal Way for Polish kings, but now all that remains is stunning architecture including colorful houses lining both sides of the street.

There was also a statue of Neptune atop a large fountain, who is guardian of the city and in his namesake I found a milk bar (a communist-style cafeteria) called Bar Mleczny Neptun, where I was served the best borscht (beet soup) I’ve ever had in my entire life.