Poland-A Solo Journey

The transition from Turkey to Poland was not an easy one. First, I missed my 8 AM flight because I realized too late that it was not international until I departed out of Istanbul. Finally after a lengthy goose chase between various Turkish airlines customer service representatives, I changed my ticket and left Izmir, dazed and exhausted with the early morning mix-up. On the shuttle to the airplane the soothing sounds of Polish began to intermingle with Turkish, confirming my reality that I was finally coming back to Poland, this time completely alone.

I arrived in Warsaw in the late afternoon, with the sun high in the sky and the heat pushing me to find the cool comfort of my hostel. After a short bus ride and a good sense of direction, I found my hostel, which embraced an environment-friendly lifestyle. The friendly, but slightly scattered young man with large black-rimmed glasses and a worn out graphic tee, checked me in and showed me to my bed in a large, mixed dorm.

After unpacking, to stay with the theme of the hostel, I searched for a recommended vegetarian restaurant, but after ending up in a slightly rundown back street, realized it ceased to exist. Instead, I found a delicious chicken kebab near my hostel and as I sat down to eat it, a man next to me began to speak Turkish into his cell phone and this now familiar rhythm gave me the reassurance that everything was going to be all right.