Istanbul-Just Say No to Bus Tours!

Lured in my great marketing tactics and exhausted from walking through the extensive  grounds of the Topaki Palace, Mustafa and I decided to take a city bus tour. This decision was our first mistake. There were two tours that we could choose from, and after a lengthy consultation we settled on the tour that boasted a night view of Istanbul from the Asian side. The view was nice, but I don’t think that it was worth the money we spent on the tour. The rest of the tour was a waste of time, with static-filled commentary, monotonous scenery and an erratic driver (we went on a lot of roads that were clearly not meant for buses). To top it off when I needed to use the bathroom at the end of our 3-hour tour, the bathroom on board was out of service. Luckily, I have a tendency to fall asleep in moving vehicles and so I missed most of the tour. We decided to give the tour another try in the morning for the daytime version (our pass was good from 24 hours), but it was equally as atrocious as its nighttime counterpart.