And So the Adventure Begins!

After a grueling summer of learning the intricacies of the human body, the sometime vengeful nature of bacteria, the complexities of the human mind and saving every penny, I have decided to take a month-long trip to Turkey and Poland. My original plan was to go to Spain, but that fell through and I believe this solo adventure will be very different, but equally engaging.

Turkey has been at the top of my travel bucket list for some time now, because I’m drawn to a place that is the crossroads to the East and West. In my extensive world travels I have never been to a Muslim country and I’m eager to see what it feels like to be immersed in a culture and religion that is completely foreign to me. I also have started a love affair with Turkish cuisine and would love to expand this new infatuation of mine.

I choose Poland because it feels like a second home to me after I studied abroad in Krakow for three and a half months. This country will be my first completely solo international adventure and I feel that it’s important that I start in a country where I feel at ease with the culture and the way of life. So Poland it is.

This trip will not completely be a solo journey since I have a close Turkish friend who will meet up with me in Istanbul and then bring me to his hometown in Izmir. I will also meet some of my Polish family near Krakow for the first time and visit the village where my paternal grandmother grew up. This trip is turning into an unbelievable opportunity and I’m eagerly anticipating every moment of this trip.