Highlights from Week Eight

Participating in some local Ramazan festivities at the local mall Breakfast challenge #3 (and the best one so far!) with a waiter who demonstrated how he feeds his pet bird parsley before we… Continue reading

Highlights from Week Seven

Breakfast in the garden with kittens in the summer house. Fresh peaches from the garden at the summer house. Disco-like solar garden lights for the summer house (courtesy of my parents) A boy… Continue reading

A Day Trip to Çeşme and Alaçatı

A few Saturdays ago, Mustafa and I took an hour-long drive to the coastal town of Çeşme, that is known as a playground for the rich and famous due to having some of… Continue reading

A Visual Guide Through Alsancak (Post Protests)

The protests in Izmir have seemed to have ceased for the most part; restoring the city to its much quieter self. Recently, we went down to Alsancak to sign up for my Turkish… Continue reading

Highlights from Week Six

Our living room turned into a candyland. Lahmacun (a type of Turkish pizza) The festive decorations in a local mall for the month of Ramazan.  

Highlights from Week Five

Celebrating the fourth by driving to Bornova and eating burgers. Dancing the night away at Mustafa’s coworker’s wedding at a seaside club called “Rain” Finding out that our favorite 24 hour restaurant in… Continue reading

A Trip to the Turkish Dentist!

Last Wednesday, I was at home drinking from my beloved Bobble water bottle when part of my lower front tooth chipped. After freaking out a bit, due to a) looking a bit like… Continue reading

Highlights From Week Four

A surprise date night at 27 Gaziantep Mutfağı, with crisp green salads, tender spiced kebabs wrapped in silky lavash bread and frothy ayran (I think I found my new favorite restaurant). Lazy Saturday… Continue reading

Highlights from Week Three

A delicious joint effort meal (Mustafa salad, me garlic pasta). Nap time with this furball. A leisurely weekday breakfast with garlic eggs and fresh peaches.

Highlights from Week Two

Surreal I’m part of living history moment: Sitting in “Öküz” and having the staff put on the “Onuncu Yıl Marşı” (10th Year March written in honor of the tenth anniversary of the founding… Continue reading